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Books > Children > Activities > Learn to Draw and to Paint no 2 (Comic Book)

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Learn to Draw and to Paint no 2 (Comic Book)


Devorah (Berzon) Benedict illustrates books and magazines, teaches art and is an art therapist. Her drawings can be found in dozens of children’s books, among them the best-selling series “Kids Speak”. This is the second book in the “Learn to Draw” series. This time you can continue to enrich your knowledge of drawing – as well as painting. The book includes methods of painting, and guides you in the use of watercolours, acrylic paints, crayons and more. Among the topics covered in the book: • How to use various paints • How to use a paintbrush • The different stages of painting • How to create layers with watercolours • How to draw a wide variety of pictures, including characters, animals and inanimate objects. PLUS MORE!

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