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Guide to Drawing and Book Illustration


There are only two types of books on the subject of drawing available in the world of books. The first is intended for a wide audience and is written in a simple, understandable language for all (“draw a circle and two triangles and behold you have a cat”). The problem is that from this type of book, it is not possible to learn professional drawing. The second type, those books written by professionals and devoted to professionals, are serious and quite deep but written in a dry, boring language and are solely of interest to the professional. This book is a combination of the two. It includes amongst its pages professional information but nevertheless is aimed at the general public. The public interest can be compared to students embarking on a field trip to a milk dairy, sweet factory or an agricultural farm, although they are not intending to produce at-home-yogurt and chocolate or to raise cows, what does interest them, is to experience the production process of these products that they encounter on a daily basis. Everybody who is interested in watching the fascinating process of creating illustrations is simply invited... to open this book. About the Author, the Illustrator and the Painter. Gadi Pollack is a graduate of the Academy of Drawing. Gadi has swept his professional brush over the pages of more than forty books, some of which have become world best sellers. His conservative, precise, original and astonishing style blends brilliantly and the investment of his varied talents are evident in all his works. The illuminating teachings of such a renowned illustrator are definitely worthwhile to present before wide-ranging audiences wanting to take a peek into the fascinating world of illustration and drawing.

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